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Nyssa Kathryn | Asher | Project Arma book 3


Date Released:‎ 10 November, 2020
Series: Project Arma

She needs his love. He needs her safe.

When a workplace romance becomes something deeper for Lexie Harper, she’s devastated to learn Asher Becket is determined to keep their sensual touches and passionate kisses behind closed doors. But that’s not good enough. Lexie won’t be anyone’s dirty little secret…especially when she’s harboring a secret of her own that won’t stay hidden for long.

As an ex-special forces soldier with a target on his back, Asher lives each day with just two goals: put an end to Project Arma, the program that changed him forever; and keep his feelings for Lexie locked down tight. His life is a hotbed of danger, and he’ll die before letting it touch her.

Then Lexie’s secret is discovered by people so evil, Asher’s her only hope of staying alive. Instead of pushing her away, he’ll have to hold his greatest obsession closer than ever.

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Narrated by: Janine Granda, Jack Calihan

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