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Nyssa Kathryn  | Erik's Redemption | Beautiful Pieces book 2

Erik's Redemption

Date Released:‎ January 5, 2024 ‎ 
Series: Beautiful Pieces

The difference between delight and devastation…a single moment.

Until recently, Hannah Jacobs thought she was living. One look at her new neighbor, and she knows she was simply surviving. Going through her days hiding behind a mask, similar to the broken man next door. Together, they slowly realize they want more…happiness, love, a future. And for a fleeting moment, Hannah thought they were well on their way.

Until Erik began to backslide…

Angry. Damaged. Resigned. Erik Hunter didn’t believe himself worthy of anyone’s time or attention. Until Hannah. She became his light in the dark. His angel. Offering salvation where once there were only shattered pieces of a weary soul. But just when he thinks he can have it all, he learns something that threatens their fragile union.

Her will indomitable, Hannah is determined to preserve the life they’re building. But Erik is equally resolute. He’ll do anything to protect the woman he’s coming to love—even from himself.

Erik and Hannah's love story continues where it left off in Erik's Salvation, which is available on Kindle Unlimited. I recommend starting with that story first, to fully enjoy the serial. Their story concludes in book three, Erik's Refuge.

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Narrated by: Stella Bloom, Teddy Hamilton

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