Releases July 29 2022



(Mercy Ring Book 1)

Sometimes it’s the oldest wounds that cut deepest.


River Harp fell in love with her brother’s best friend, a boy who was practically part of the family…a boy who broke her heart before leaving town. Sixteen years later, he’s back for her brother’s funeral. And River wants nothing to do with the man. At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Because there are problems in her life much bigger than Jackson’s return. Like the fact her brother is still alive—and she’s the only one who believes it. River will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth and find Ryker. Even if it means seeking help from the man she’s spent almost two decades getting over.

As a teen, Jackson Ford had one plan: get the hell out of Lindeman, Washington, away from his abusive drunk of a father, and never return. Fate had other plans, however, and now he’s back to bury Ryker, his Delta Force teammate. His brother in every way but blood.

At the funeral, she’s the first person he sees. The only person he sees. Walking away from River once was hard enough, even if it was for her own good. Walking away a second time may prove impossible…especially after he realizes she’s digging into her brother’s suspicious death.

When River’s search for answers puts her in the sights of dangerous men, Jackson will do anything and everything to keep her safe. Even if it means losing his heart—and his life—in the process.



Releases September 13 2022


(Blue Halo Book 4)

Some pasts are harder to escape than others.

When Carina Murphy is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, a fresh start in a new town is her only option. Unfortunately, Cradle Mountain may not be the safe haven she’d thought. The son of her new patient may be tall, dark and handsome…but he also knows all about her past.

Keeping her job should be the hardest part. Keeping her heart safe seems to be much harder.

Former Delta Flynn Talbot was kidnapped, separated from his sick mother and irrevocably changed. His enemies now dead, he’s back in his hometown with his teammates, running Blue Halo Security, and his mom is his top priority. So when it turns out her new nurse has a questionable past, Flynn’s first instinct is to keep her the hell away from his mother. But Carina’s adamant she’s innocent. And something in her deep blue eyes makes him inclined to believe her.

When one too many ill-fated events leave Carina needing help, Flynn steps up. It isn’t long before both discover there’s more danger surrounding her than they thought. And Flynn will risk everything for the woman who’s stumbled into his town, into his life…and into his heart.




(Blue Halo Book 3)

​A past that can’t be changed. A future as uncertain as their relationship.

Willow Foster has been a single mother for most of her young daughter’s life, ever since the girl’s father—a man Willow thought she’d be with forever—inexplicably disappeared. Now, just as mysteriously, he’s back, living in Cradle Mountain, Idaho. Blake has always been her weakness, and while she’s no longer willing to risk her heart, Willow relocates so her daughter can build a relationship with the father she barely knows.

She can only pray she doesn’t lose part of herself in the process.

Blake Cross’s life changed for the better when he learned he was having a daughter. Then, two years later, it changed for the worse when he was kidnapped and separated from his family. Finally free, his priority is his child…and her mother. Blake may no longer own her heart, but he still cares deeply for Willow. He can’t change their past, but he can promise a better future.

Or can he? When Willow’s life is threatened on more than one occasion, both their futures are a lot less certain, forcing Blake to risk everything to protect the mother of his child—and the woman he never stopped loving.


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