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Erik's Salvation

(Beautiful Peaces Book 1)


She’ll mend his broken heart. He’ll shatter anew to protect her.

Hannah Jacobs is intimately familiar with pain. Growing up in foster care, she experienced all of its varying shades, in ways that still impact her as an adult. But she makes a daily conscious effort to overcome her past, to bear the heartache of losing her only source of care and support, and to live her life with purpose…

Purpose like her new neighbor.

Hannah recognizes another broken soul when she sees one. Erik isn’t open to healing, but she’s never shied away from a challenge. Even if she did…something won’t let her stop chipping away at the man’s nearly impenetrable exterior.

Life as he knew it shattered for Erik Hunter in the space of a single phone call, leaving pieces so small and jagged, he fears they’ll never be put back together. He’s a different person now. Largely estranged from his family and doing dangerous work for the government, when he moves back to his hometown, he’s seeking peace and solitude.

He didn’t count on his neighbor. Her determination, her indomitable will, her beauty. She makes him want something he hasn’t had in years. More terrifyingly…she gives him something to lose.

Turns out that fear is well founded. When a faceless enemy emerges, Erik must risk everything to protect Hannah—or see his world shatter again.

This is the beginning of Erik and Hannah's story, book one in a three-part serial. That means happy-for-now endings until book three, when Erik and Hannah will get the happy ever after they deserve.



Releases October 27 2023


(Blue Halo Book 8)

She’s looking for a fresh start…she finds him.

Nylah Walker knows what it’s like to be protected. You don’t grow up with five brothers without having someone close by, watching your back at all times. She craves independence, and Cradle Mountain is her fresh start. Her new beginning. But fate has a terrible sense of humor, because during her first shift at a new job, not only does she meet overprotective, sexy former Marine Liam…she also finds herself in unimaginable danger.

Liam Shore knows danger. He lived and breathed it during his time in special forces, then again as a prisoner to Project Arma. He thought living in a small mountain town would mean leaving peril behind. But suddenly, he and his friends are hunted men. Protecting his team is his first priority…until the danger overflows onto others.

When the threat shifts its sight to the new woman in town, the one with ice-blue eyes who captured his attention without even trying, Liam is determined to protect her, despite how hard Nylah tries to resist her savior. Because losing Nylah isn’t an option.

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