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Reckless Trust

Date Released:‎ July 5, 2024 ‎ 
Series: Reckless



It’s a long-awaited homecoming…but not everyone’s happy about her return.

Five years ago, Tilly Taylor’s father did something that cost her everything. Her home. Her friends. And all the trust she’d ever earned. Now she’s back, and ready to prove to everyone that she’s nothing like Martin Taylor. Unfortunately, the small town of Misty Peak doesn’t forgive or forget so easily. And when a murder occurs at Tilly’s new workplace, proving her innocence gets even harder.

Kayden Walker likes his solitude. That’s why working in the mountains suits him so well. They’re his sanctuary. His safe place. So when a woman he doesn’t trust is hired to work alongside him, it’s an adjustment he doesn’t want to make. Only, no matter how much he tries to keep Tilly at a safe distance, he can’t seem to get her sad green eyes out of his head. Despite their families’ unfortunate history, Kayden finds himself playing savior to the last woman he should want to protect.

When dangerous things continue happening in his mountains, keeping her close becomes vital—for Tilly’s safety and for Kayden’s heart. Someone doesn’t want her home…and they’ll go to great lengths to make sure she’s gone.

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