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Narrated by: Teddy Hamilton, Stella Hunter


Date Released:‎ July 6, 2023
Series: Blue Halo

One wedding, one fake relationship, and a threat no one saw coming.

Attending a wedding is dead last on Fiona Lock’s list of priorities. She has two options: stay home and let the family gossip mill speculate on why she isn’t there; or attend the wedding and pretend she’s just fine. The decision is obvious. Not only does she choose option B…she may have mentioned a boyfriend she doesn’t have. With the nuptials imminent, the race is on to find her “perfect man” who doesn’t exist.

When he’s not running the security business he owns with his friends, ex-Marine Callum Thomas spends his down time indulging in his favorite hobby—reading. Of course, it’s not just the books luring him to the library every other day. It’s also the sexy, sassy librarian, Fiona, who can’t resist putting Callum in his place at every turn. When he discovers she’s in need of a fake boyfriend, he’s determined to claim the role…and then slowly, cautiously win over the prickly woman he can’t get out of his head.

His plans are quickly disrupted when Fiona starts receiving threats, drastically speeding up his timeline. Callum knows any distance between him and Fiona is no longer an option. Letting her out of his sights could mean danger creeping in…and potentially losing Fiona before she’s even his to claim.

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