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Nyssa Kathryn | Bodie | Project Arma book 6


Date Released:‎ July 20, 2021
Series: Project Arma

An enemy so fierce, disappearing is her only choice.

Maya Harper shouldn’t be alive. All of her co-workers are dead, yet somehow, she survived. But now she knows something. Something important. Something that someone will kill to keep secret.

Running is her only choice. Her only protection. But no one can run forever, especially when the enemy’s reach is long. Soon, trusting a stranger becomes her only option.

Former Navy SEAL Bodie Ryan is on a mission: Find Maya, a runaway lab technician—sole witness to a brutal crime—and keep her safe. She’s become entangled with his nemesis, which makes Bodie and his team her only hope of living to see tomorrow.

Finding her is the easy part…separating professional from personal is the real challenge.

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Narrated by: Alex Knox, Janine Granda

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