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Nyssa Kathryn | Kye | Project Arma book 7


Date Released:‎ January 11, 2022
Series: Project Arma

Sometimes it’s in the depths of hell, that one finds their angel.

Samantha Jacobs thought she was aiding her government. She believed the chip she created, the one that could change the world, would be used for the good of mankind. But it was all a lie…and she discovered the truth too late. Now, Samantha will suffer dearly for her mistake.

Former SEAL Kye Hade has been hunting the people behind Project Arma for years. He never expected to fall back into their hands, waking in a cage alongside a beautiful, brainy woman.

The enemy wants the unthinkable—and the clock is ticking. Freedom won’t come without a fight, but when your rivals have proven they don’t die easily, Kye and Samantha might just pay the ultimate price.

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Narrated by: Ramona Master, Gideon Frost

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