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Date Released:‎ October 27, 2023
Series: Blue Halo

She’s looking for a fresh start…she finds him.

Nylah Walker knows what it’s like to be protected. You don’t grow up with five brothers without having someone close by, watching your back at all times. She craves independence, and Cradle Mountain is her fresh start. Her new beginning. But fate has a terrible sense of humor, because during her first shift at a new job, not only does she meet overprotective, sexy former Marine Liam…she also finds herself in unimaginable danger.

Liam Shore knows danger. He lived and breathed it during his time in special forces, then again as a prisoner to Project Arma. He thought living in a small mountain town would mean leaving peril behind. But suddenly, he and his friends are hunted men. Protecting his team is his first priority…until the danger overflows onto others.

When the threat shifts its sight to the new woman in town, the one with ice-blue eyes who captured his attention without even trying, Liam is determined to protect her, despite how hard Nylah tries to resist her savior. Because losing Nylah isn’t an option.

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Narrated by: Teddy Hamilton, Stella Hunter

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