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Nyssa Kathryn | Jason | Blue Halo book 2

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Narrated by: Addison Barnes, Troy Duran


Date Released:‎ May 9, 2022
Series: Blue Halo

Danger throws them together. Attraction keeps them from parting.

Having lost her best friend, Courtney Davies lives every day like it’s her last. Because if life has taught her anything, it’s that some are cut far too short without warning. So when sexy former soldier Jason moves to Cradle Mountain, she shouldn't hesitate to express her immediate interest. Problem is, anytime she gets near the man, she inexplicably freezes, losing every coherent thought in her head.

Jason Porter has served his country, studied at one of the country’s most prestigious schools, made groundbreaking strides in pharmaceutical science…but it was his time in captivity that changed him most. In irrevocable ways, both physically and mentally. Slowly, he’s moving on, running Blue Halo Security with his team in Cradle Mountain, Idaho—where one of the best perks of the small town is coffee shop owner Courtney. She’s friendly, spirited, vibrant… Everything he needs in his life. Too bad he seems to scare her senseless.

When Courtney wins an award, bringing with it media attention, she hopes it’s the break her shop has been waiting for. Instead, strange things start happening. Unexpected things. Dangerous things. It’s soon clear the award has put her in a spotlight for all the wrong reasons. And the one person she can trust? The very man who leaves her tongue, her body, and her heart tied in knots.

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