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Narrated by: Stella Bloom, Teddy Hamilton

Erik's Refuge

Date Released:‎ March 8, 2024 ‎ 
Series: Beautiful Pieces

The choice is simple…surrender or perish.

In the blink of an eye, he became her everything. Her hero. Her savior. Her whole world. Hannah and Erik are finally building the future she’s longed for…but it doesn’t include a family. Erik’s already felt the pain of losing a child before he even experienced the joy of holding them in his arms. It’s not something he’ll risk again.

So when Hannah begins to notice symptoms, and a test confirms her suspicions, her happy reality comes to a screeching halt. Forced to pivot, she can only pray Erik is willing to do the same.

Found at his most broken, put back together piece by piece by the strongest, most incredible woman he’s ever met, Erik considers himself as whole as he’s going to get. He’s found the light at the end of the long, dark, desolate tunnel that had been his life for so long, and emerged on the other side a new man, capable of giving Hannah the future she deserves.
Until she tells him her secret.

For the woman he loves, Erik will struggle to heal his one remaining wound. A feat made more difficult when an old enemy resurfaces…determined to tear Erik’s whole world asunder once again.

The exciting, emotional conclusion to the Beautiful Pieces serial! All three books are now available on Kindle Unlimited, and I recommend enjoying them in order: Erik's Salvation, Erik's Redemption, and Erik's Refuge. Thank you for your patience in giving Erik and Hannah their happy ever after.

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