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Nyssa Kathryn | Tyler | Blue Halo book 6


Date Released:‎ March 20, 2023
Series: Blue Halo

Sometimes, the biggest secrets can bring both salvation and destruction.

Emerson Charles grew up luckier than most, going from a difficult life to finding safety and a true home with her stepmother and stepbrother. Years later, when Levi’s in trouble, Emerson will do anything for the brother of her heart, her greatest protector. Even seek the expertise of people who could be more hinderance than help—the men of Blue Halo Security. But she’ll have to play her cards close to her chest. Telling the whole truth could see the team unwilling to assist, and Levi in more trouble than ever.

Tyler Morgan’s career in the special forces had barely begun when he was kidnapped by the people behind Project Arma. With that chapter of his life finally put to rest, he runs a security business with men he considers brothers, all of them using their enhanced physical abilities to assist others. But their newest client seems to be harboring secrets behind her pretty amber eyes. He can’t trust Emerson, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Nor can he let her out of his sight when the danger surrounding her brother increases.

As the risks get higher, and their attraction stronger, Tyler and Emerson are soon embroiled in a deadly race to locate a man only one of them believes is worthy of redemption.

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Narrated by: Troy Duran, Lucy Rivers

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