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Date Released:‎ December 9, 2022
Series: Blue Halo

Some loves are impossible to leave behind…

Cassie Webber had it all. A man who loved her, a mother and sister who were all the family she needed, and a job she adored. Until, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Now her mother and Aidan are gone, and her sister’s in danger. Cassie’s willing to do anything to save her—including marrying her best friend and returning to a place she vowed to leave behind. She nearly succeeds in extracting Mia before everything changes yet again—and Cassie herself is the one whisked away.

Following a life-changing kidnapping ordeal, former Special Forces Operator Aidan Pratt has thrown himself into the new security business he’s embarked on with his teammates. He uses his military training and a host of enhanced skills to keep people safe, all the while trying to escape the memory of Cassie, who moved on without him during his two-year absence. But the universe has other plans, and before he knows it, Aidan is hired to rescue the very woman he’s trying to forget.

With Cassie back in his arms, the full extent of her peril becomes glaringly clear, and Aidan will burn down the world to keep her safe. After all, danger has never scared him…but losing Cassie a second time? Aidan can’t fathom anything more terrifying.

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Narrated by: Aiden Snow, Ava Lucas

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