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Reckless Hope

Date Released:‎ May 3, 2024 ‎ 
Series: Reckless

The difference between delight and devastation…a single moment.

Life hasn’t been kind to Harper Rain. In fact, so far, it’s only proven the one person she can rely on is herself. But when all her efforts to escape her family fail, she takes the last desperate option—run.

With little more than a few dollars to her name, she ends up in the small town of Misty Peak. The first person she meets is a tall mountain of a man…whose kindness is only outshone by his captivating smile.

As a former Delta Forces soldier, the urge to protect others is in Cody Walker’s genes. So when a woman walks into his bar in the middle of a storm—with only a backpack and a black eye—ignoring her isn’t an option.

Trust doesn’t come easy to Harper, so Cody starts by giving her a job. The more he gets to know the enigmatic woman, the more he’s convinced that slowly working his way behind her shields is well worth the effort.

Unfortunately for them both, time is a luxury they can’t afford. Harper's pursuer is catching up, and if they can’t have her, no one can…least of all Cody..

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Narrated by: Jason Clarke, Avery Caris

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