She thought he’d be happy to see her…


…but all she found was anger.


Why did Eden hate her?


The memory of that day haunted her. Eden told her to stay at the safe house while his team went on their mission. Then she found out he was being setup. Shylah didn’t have a choice, she had to do something.


It was a risk.


And she paid dearly.


Eden and his team had aborted just in time. They lived to fight another day. Fourteen months later and Eden was surviving. There was only one question on his mind, who had betrayed them?


Could it have been Shylah?


In the complex world of international espionage and war, love is often a causality. What will it take for her to conquer the mistrust and win him back?


You’ll adore this military romance, because the truth can be hard to believed when all you’ve know are lies.


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​In a secret government experiment…


…a group of soldiers were drugged for science.


Will Luca let his lust for revenge, ruin his chance at happiness?


Evie went through hell and barely escaped. Since then, she’s hid, kept to herself, and done everything she can to survive. If they found her, she’d be dead. Living a life in fear was barely a life at all. Will she ever be able to trust or love, again?


When she met Luca…


…there was a spark.


Was he worth the risk?


Luca loved his job but hated what the military did to him. It made him faster, stronger, and able to heal more quickly, but he lost something when he became a perfect weapon. Now, he has one mission.


Shut down the program.


Taking on the people behind Project Arma was next to suicide. They had spies everywhere. Was his new neighbor, with her brilliant green eyes, out to get him or did she need him?


Can they both learn to trust?


Will love save them?


You’ll adore this military romance, because the struggles are real, the emotion is powerful, and the action is non-stop.


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uncovering project arma web

Uncovering Project Arma

*This is a short eight chapter prequel to the Project Arma series and is free when you sign up to my

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​Is Project Arma the next step in protecting our armed forces or is it a cover up for something much more deadly?


Eden Cole lives and breathes his job as a Navy SEAL. When his team participate in a Government funded program, Project Arma, he expects the improved physical performance they promise. What he doesn’t expect is Shylah Kemp, the pretty nurse who captures his attention. As they grow closer, Eden soon starts to suspect she’s hiding something.


Working at Project Arma is Shylah Kemp’s dream job. Hundreds of miles away from her suffocating family while surrounded by sexy Navy SEALs? Win win. Even better, hunky Eden Cole’s interest in her seems genuine. But her fairy tale is short lived when she accidently eavesdrops a conversation that makes her question Project Arma’s true motives.


Time is running out for Eden, can Shylah uncover the truth behind the project before it’s too late?



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