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(Project Arma Book 6)

An enemy so fierce, disappearing is her only choice.

Maya Harper shouldn’t be alive. All of her co-workers are dead, yet somehow, she survived. But now she knows something. Something important. Something that someone will kill to keep secret.

Running is her only choice. Her only protection. But no one can run forever, especially when the enemy’s reach is long. Soon, trusting a stranger becomes her only option.

Former Navy SEAL Bodie Ryan is on a mission: Find Maya, a runaway lab technician—sole witness to a brutal crime—and keep her safe. She’s become entangled with his nemesis, which makes Bodie and his team her only hope of living to see tomorrow.

Finding her is the easy part…separating professional from personal is the real challenge.



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(Project Arma Book 7)

She may have forgotten her past, but her past hasn’t forgotten her…

Tori Blake arrives in Marble Falls with nothing. Nothing but a note in her hand and cash in her pocket. She doesn’t know if those two things will be enough to get her the help she needs. She doesn’t know if they’ll lead her to the past she can’t remember.

What she does know is that someone is trying to kill her. If she doesn’t figure out who she was, and fast, her past might not be the only thing she loses.

Former SEAL Oliver Bolton thinks he has everything he needs. His brothers, their self-defense business, and his freedom. Then he meets her. The beautiful brunette who steals his focus.

When she leaves him with nothing but a fake number, Oliver assumes he’ll never see her again. Until she shows up at Marble Protection—alone, afraid, and in need of his help.

Oliver can’t lose Tori a second time. But as the couple gets closer, and her past even more so, they find themselves in a race against time to unlock Tori’s secrets…before they’re both just memories.




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