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(Mercy Ring Book 2)

He’s everything she’s never had. She’s everything he didn’t know

he needed.


Having lost her parents at a young age, raised by her beloved uncle, Michele King is now a successful business owner, providing meals for people by day and getting lost in books each night. A somewhat lonely life…which she attempts to remedy by dating a man she met online. It only takes a few dates before she sees red flags. Breaking things off with a man she barely knows should be easy. But he’s not taking no for an answer.

Declan James moved to small-town Lindeman, Idaho, to be near his former Delta Force teammates, men he considers his brothers. His focus should be on their new business, Mercy Ring, a boxing club specializing in giving locals—especially kids—a safe place to exorcise their anger and aggression. But instead, he finds his mind stuck on a certain shy local. Quiet and reserved, Michele is the polar opposite of the women he’s dated. And he can’t get her out of his head.

He's happy to get to know Michele at her own slow pace…until danger rears its head in the form of an angry ex. Now, Declan has no choice but to stay close, if he doesn’t want their fledgling relationship to end before it’s barely begun.



Releases December 9 2022


(Blue Halo Book 5)

Some loves are impossible to leave behind…

Cassie Webber had it all. A man who loved her, a mother and sister who were all the family she needed, and a job she adored. Until, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Now her mother and Aidan are gone, and her sister’s in danger. Cassie’s willing to do anything to save her—including marrying her best friend and returning to a place she vowed to leave behind. She nearly succeeds in extracting Mia before everything changes yet again—and Cassie herself is the one whisked away.

Following a life-changing kidnapping ordeal, former Special Forces Operator Aidan Pratt has thrown himself into the new security business he’s embarked on with his teammates. He uses his military training and a host of enhanced skills to keep people safe, all the while trying to escape the memory of Cassie, who moved on without him during his two-year absence. But the universe has other plans, and before he knows it, Aidan is hired to rescue the very woman he’s trying to forget.

With Cassie back in his arms, the full extent of her peril becomes glaringly clear, and Aidan will burn down the world to keep her safe. After all, danger has never scared him…but losing Cassie a second time? Aidan can’t fathom anything more terrifying.


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Releases January 24 2023


(Mercy Ring Book 3)

She’s a single mom with a secret. He’s a former Delta who doesn’t let people too close....

Aria Callas understands struggle and sacrifice. Getting pregnant at sixteen, she’s spent more than a decade and a half ensuring her and her son’s safety the only way she knows how—by staying on the move. Too long in one place and Zac’s father bursts back into their lives, bringing nothing but chaos and pain in his wake.

During those same sixteen years, Cole Turner’s career as a Delta has taught him just how ugly and unforgiving the world can be. Now retired from the military and running a boxing club, Mercy Ring, with his ex-teammates, life is simple—until he notices the woman living across the street. He vowed years ago to never entrust his heart to another…but he can’t get his enigmatic neighbor out of his head.

When familiar danger inevitably finds Aria, Cole can’t keep his distance any longer. He’ll do whatever it takes to save her, even if that means putting his life—and his heart—on the line once more.


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