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(Mercy Ring Book 4)

Sometimes, the quest for vengeance can cost more than you’re willing to pay.

Blakely Sullivan was a foreign aid worker in the Middle East when a deadly bombing took the lives of families she’d come to know and love, collateral damage in someone else’s war. She’s spent the last year coming to terms with the senseless loss, healing from the pain…and trying to ease the guilt of someone equally important—the special forces soldier she grew close to on her mission. Ryker blames himself for the deaths, and when he won’t take her calls, she has no choice but to seek him out.

Ryker Harp’s final mission as a Delta ended in devastation and loss. Not only did he and his teammates barely escape Beirut with their lives, but locals he’d befriended were targeted by the enemy. Since leaving the military, his life has taken more than one unexpected turn, but the guilt remains, and so does his ultimate goal: to annihilate the man who caused such death and destruction. He can’t allow any distractions—least of all a beautiful aid worker he can’t forget…and doesn’t deserve.

When Blakely shows up in Lindeman, Ryker tries to keep his distance to ensure her safety. But it’s too late. His enemy has found him. And history may repeat itself if Ryker can’t protect everyone he loves most…starting with Blakely.

Cole ebook Cover.jpg


(Mercy Ring Book 3)

She’s a single mom with a secret. He’s a former Delta who doesn’t let people too close....

Aria Callas understands struggle and sacrifice. Getting pregnant at sixteen, she’s spent more than a decade and a half ensuring her and her son’s safety the only way she knows how—by staying on the move. Too long in one place and Zac’s father bursts back into their lives, bringing nothing but chaos and pain in his wake.

During those same sixteen years, Cole Turner’s career as a Delta has taught him just how ugly and unforgiving the world can be. Now retired from the military and running a boxing club, Mercy Ring, with his ex-teammates, life is simple—until he notices the woman living across the street. He vowed years ago to never entrust his heart to another…but he can’t get his enigmatic neighbor out of his head.

When familiar danger inevitably finds Aria, Cole can’t keep his distance any longer. He’ll do whatever it takes to save her, even if that means putting his life—and his heart—on the line once more.

Declan ebook Cover.jpg


(Mercy Ring Book 2)

He’s everything she’s never had. She’s everything he didn’t know

he needed.


Having lost her parents at a young age, raised by her beloved uncle, Michele King is now a successful business owner, providing meals for people by day and getting lost in books each night. A somewhat lonely life…which she attempts to remedy by dating a man she met online. It only takes a few dates before she sees red flags. Breaking things off with a man she barely knows should be easy. But he’s not taking no for an answer.

Declan James moved to small-town Lindeman, Idaho, to be near his former Delta Force teammates, men he considers his brothers. His focus should be on their new business, Mercy Ring, a boxing club specializing in giving locals—especially kids—a safe place to exorcise their anger and aggression. But instead, he finds his mind stuck on a certain shy local. Quiet and reserved, Michele is the polar opposite of the women he’s dated. And he can’t get her out of his head.

He's happy to get to know Michele at her own slow pace…until danger rears its head in the form of an angry ex. Now, Declan has no choice but to stay close, if he doesn’t want their fledgling relationship to end before it’s barely begun.



(Mercy Ring Book 1)

Sometimes it’s the oldest wounds that cut deepest.


River Harp fell in love with her brother’s best friend, a boy who was practically part of the family…a boy who broke her heart before leaving town. Sixteen years later, he’s back for her brother’s funeral. And River wants nothing to do with the man. At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Because there are problems in her life much bigger than Jackson’s return. Like the fact her brother is still alive—and she’s the only one who believes it. River will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth and find Ryker. Even if it means seeking help from the man she’s spent almost two decades getting over.

As a teen, Jackson Ford had one plan: get the hell out of Lindeman, Washington, away from his abusive drunk of a father, and never return. Fate had other plans, however, and now he’s back to bury Ryker, his Delta Force teammate. His brother in every way but blood.

At the funeral, she’s the first person he sees. The only person he sees. Walking away from River once was hard enough, even if it was for her own good. Walking away a second time may prove impossible…especially after he realizes she’s digging into her brother’s suspicious death.

When River’s search for answers puts her in the sights of dangerous men, Jackson will do anything and everything to keep her safe. Even if it means losing his heart—and his life—in the process.



(Blue Halo Book 7)


One wedding, one fake relationship, and a threat no one saw coming.


Attending a wedding is dead last on Fiona Lock’s list of priorities. She has two options: stay home and let the family gossip mill speculate on why she isn’t there; or attend the wedding and pretend she’s just fine. The decision is obvious. Not only does she choose option B…she may have mentioned a boyfriend she doesn’t have. With the nuptials imminent, the race is on to find her “perfect man” who doesn’t exist.

When he’s not running the security business he owns with his friends, ex-Marine Callum Thomas spends his down time indulging in his favorite hobby—reading. Of course, it’s not just the books luring him to the library every other day. It’s also the sexy, sassy librarian, Fiona, who can’t resist putting Callum in his place at every turn. When he discovers she’s in need of a fake boyfriend, he’s determined to claim the role…and then slowly, cautiously win over the prickly woman he can’t get out of his head.

His plans are quickly disrupted when Fiona starts receiving threats, drastically speeding up his timeline. Callum knows any distance between him and Fiona is no longer an option. Letting her out of his sights could mean danger creeping in…and potentially losing Fiona before she’s even his to claim.



(Blue Halo Book 6)

Sometimes, the biggest secrets can bring both salvation and destruction.

Emerson Charles grew up luckier than most, going from a difficult life to finding safety and a true home with her stepmother and stepbrother. Years later, when Levi’s in trouble, Emerson will do anything for the brother of her heart, her greatest protector. Even seek the expertise of people who could be more hinderance than help—the men of Blue Halo Security. But she’ll have to play her cards close to her chest. Telling the whole truth could see the team unwilling to assist, and Levi in more trouble than ever.

Tyler Morgan’s career in the special forces had barely begun when he was kidnapped by the people behind Project Arma. With that chapter of his life finally put to rest, he runs a security business with men he considers brothers, all of them using their enhanced physical abilities to assist others. But their newest client seems to be harboring secrets behind her pretty amber eyes. He can’t trust Emerson, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Nor can he let her out of his sight when the danger surrounding her brother increases.

As the risks get higher, and their attraction stronger, Tyler and Emerson are soon embroiled in a deadly race to locate a man only one of them believes is worthy of redemption.



(Blue Halo Book 5)

Some loves are impossible to leave behind…

Cassie Webber had it all. A man who loved her, a mother and sister who were all the family she needed, and a job she adored. Until, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Now her mother and Aidan are gone, and her sister’s in danger. Cassie’s willing to do anything to save her—including marrying her best friend and returning to a place she vowed to leave behind. She nearly succeeds in extracting Mia before everything changes yet again—and Cassie herself is the one whisked away.

Following a life-changing kidnapping ordeal, former Special Forces Operator Aidan Pratt has thrown himself into the new security business he’s embarked on with his teammates. He uses his military training and a host of enhanced skills to keep people safe, all the while trying to escape the memory of Cassie, who moved on without him during his two-year absence. But the universe has other plans, and before he knows it, Aidan is hired to rescue the very woman he’s trying to forget.

With Cassie back in his arms, the full extent of her peril becomes glaringly clear, and Aidan will burn down the world to keep her safe. After all, danger has never scared him…but losing Cassie a second time? Aidan can’t fathom anything more terrifying.



(Blue Halo Book 4)

Some pasts are harder to escape than others.

When Carina Murphy is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, a fresh start in a new town is her only option. Unfortunately, Cradle Mountain may not be the safe haven she’d thought. The son of her new patient may be tall, dark and handsome…but he also knows all about her past.

Keeping her job should be the hardest part. Keeping her heart safe seems to be much harder.

Former Delta Flynn Talbot was kidnapped, separated from his sick mother and irrevocably changed. His enemies now dead, he’s back in his hometown with his teammates, running Blue Halo Security, and his mom is his top priority. So when it turns out her new nurse has a questionable past, Flynn’s first instinct is to keep her the hell away from his mother. But Carina’s adamant she’s innocent. And something in her deep blue eyes makes him inclined to believe her.

When one too many ill-fated events leave Carina needing help, Flynn steps up. It isn’t long before both discover there’s more danger surrounding her than they thought. And Flynn will risk everything for the woman who’s stumbled into his town, into his life…and into his heart.



(Blue Halo Book 3)

​A past that can’t be changed. A future as uncertain as their relationship.

Willow Foster has been a single mother for most of her young daughter’s life, ever since the girl’s father—a man Willow thought she’d be with forever—inexplicably disappeared. Now, just as mysteriously, he’s back, living in Cradle Mountain, Idaho. Blake has always been her weakness, and while she’s no longer willing to risk her heart, Willow relocates so her daughter can build a relationship with the father she barely knows.

She can only pray she doesn’t lose part of herself in the process.

Blake Cross’s life changed for the better when he learned he was having a daughter. Then, two years later, it changed for the worse when he was kidnapped and separated from his family. Finally free, his priority is his child…and her mother. Blake may no longer own her heart, but he still cares deeply for Willow. He can’t change their past, but he can promise a better future.

Or can he? When Willow’s life is threatened on more than one occasion, both their futures are a lot less certain, forcing Blake to risk everything to protect the mother of his child—and the woman he never stopped loving.

Jason Cover.jpg


(Blue Halo Book 2)

Danger throws them together. Attraction keeps them from parting.


Having lost her best friend, Courtney Davies lives every day like it’s her last. Because if life has taught her anything, it’s that some are cut far too short without warning. So when sexy former soldier Jason moves to Cradle Mountain, she shouldn't hesitate to express her immediate interest. Problem is, anytime she gets near the man, she inexplicably freezes, losing every coherent thought in her head.

Jason Porter has served his country, studied at one of the country’s most prestigious schools, made groundbreaking strides in pharmaceutical science…but it was his time in captivity that changed him most. In irrevocable ways, both physically and mentally. Slowly, he’s moving on, running Blue Halo Security with his team in Cradle Mountain, Idaho—where one of the best perks of the small town is coffee shop owner Courtney. She’s friendly, spirited, vibrant… Everything he needs in his life. Too bad he seems to scare her senseless.

When Courtney wins an award, bringing with it media attention, she hopes it’s the break her shop has been waiting for. Instead, strange things start happening. Unexpected things. Dangerous things. It’s soon clear the award has put her in a spotlight for all the wrong reasons. And the one person she can trust? The very man who leaves her tongue, her body, and her heart tied in knots.



(Blue Halo Book 1)

Her scars are invisible, to everyone but him.

Grace Castle lived through hell, and she’s never fully recovered. Nor may she ever. But she’s better than she was, and now devotes her time and energy to helping other women…until someone connects her old life to her new one. Suddenly, she’s forced to do something that goes against her conscience, her moral compass…her heart.

In the aftermath, her only choice is to seek redemption.

Former special forces soldier Logan Snyder is intimately familiar with captivity. He was taken, kept from loved ones, irrevocably changed. Now finally free, all his enemies dead, Logan is operating a security business with his team. Just as he’s moving on with his life, the world learns his incredible story.

And one woman is to blame.

When Grace appears in Cradle Mountain, Logan isn’t certain he can offer the absolution she seeks. As the couple attempts to build trust and overcome past hurts, Grace is unexpectedly in jeopardy when old demons cause new threats.

Danger has a way of putting everything in perspective. Logan can forgive the woman he’s coming to love…but it might be too little, too late.

kye new high res.jpg


(Project Arma Book 8)

Sometimes it’s in the depths of hell, that one finds their angel.…

Samantha Jacobs thought she was aiding her government. She believed the chip she created, the one that could change the world, would be used for the good of mankind. But it was all a lie…and she discovered the truth too late. Now, Samantha will suffer dearly for her mistake.

Former SEAL Kye Hade has been hunting the people behind Project Arma for years. He never expected to fall back into their hands, waking in a cage alongside a beautiful, brainy woman.

The enemy wants the unthinkable—and the clock is ticking. Freedom won’t come without a fight, but when your rivals have proven they don’t die easily, Kye and Samantha might just pay the ultimate price.

oliver new high res.jpg


(Project Arma Book 7)

She may have forgotten her past, but her past hasn’t forgotten her…

Tori Blake arrives in Marble Falls with nothing. Nothing but a note in her hand and cash in her pocket. She doesn’t know if those two things will be enough to get her the help she needs. She doesn’t know if they’ll lead her to the past she can’t remember.

What she does know is that someone is trying to kill her. If she doesn’t figure out who she was, and fast, her past might not be the only thing she loses.

Former SEAL Oliver Bolton thinks he has everything he needs. His brothers, their self-defense business, and his freedom. Then he meets her. The beautiful brunette who steals his focus.

When she leaves him with nothing but a fake number, Oliver assumes he’ll never see her again. Until she shows up at Marble Protection—alone, afraid, and in need of his help.

Oliver can’t lose Tori a second time. But as the couple gets closer, and her past even more so, they find themselves in a race against time to unlock Tori’s secrets…before they’re both just memories.

bodie high res.jpg


(Project Arma Book 6)

An enemy so fierce, disappearing is her only choice.

Maya Harper shouldn’t be alive. All of her co-workers are dead, yet somehow, she survived. But now she knows something. Something important. Something that someone will kill to keep secret.

Running is her only choice. Her only protection. But no one can run forever, especially when the enemy’s reach is long. Soon, trusting a stranger becomes her only option.

Former Navy SEAL Bodie Ryan is on a mission: Find Maya, a runaway lab technician—sole witness to a brutal crime—and keep her safe. She’s become entangled with his nemesis, which makes Bodie and his team her only hope of living to see tomorrow.

Finding her is the easy part…separating professional from personal is the real challenge.

wyatt high res.jpg


(Project Arma Book 5)


A story that could cost her everything…

Investigative journalist Quinn Ross isn’t a woman who can just let major news pass her by. So, when she stumbles across a story like no other, she makes it her mission to report it to the masses.

She doesn’t count on the lengths to which some may go to keep her story from seeing the light of day. When Quinn suddenly finds herself in need of escape, she heads straight for tiny Marble Falls and her brother, Mason.

When he’s not running his company’s IT department, Wyatt Gray—former SEAL and co-owner of Marble Protection—spends every spare minute searching for those who betrayed him. The ones who turned him and his teammates into something beyond mere mortals. He doesn’t have time for distractions—but that’s exactly what he gets, in the form of his best friend’s sassy, spunky, sexy sister…who’s moved in right across the hall.

From the moment they meet, Quinn and Wyatt’s chemistry is combustible. But they both have big secrets. Then there’s Mason, who may consider Wyatt a brother, but he might still kill him for lusting after his baby sister.

But soon, none of that matters. When a killer sets his sights on Quinn, any chance at happiness with Wyatt may end before it’s had a chance to begin

mason high res.jpg


(Project Arma Book 4)


Falling for each other was never part of the plan…



Doctor Sage Porter has moved to Marble Falls to be the private physician for a group of men unlike any the world has ever known. But she has a second, secret reason for moving to the small town. A reason she can’t share with another living soul…

Especially not the men under her care.

Mason Ross is a born guardian. Protecting his team and their families comes naturally, and he’ll do anything to keep them safe—but what if the peril is less than obvious? Like the gorgeous doctor who’s caught his attention. She’s hiding something. And Mason is more than aware that secrets can be deadly, and sometimes the least likely threat poses the greatest danger.

Getting close is a risk; both Mason and Sage have a lot to lose…including each other, if they can’t work together to survive the coming menace.



(Project Arma Book 3)


She needs his love. He needs her safe.


When a workplace romance becomes something deeper for Lexie Harper, she’s devastated to learn Asher Becket is determined to keep their sensual touches and passionate kisses behind closed doors. But that’s not good enough. Lexie won’t be anyone’s dirty little secret…especially when she’s harboring a secret of her own that won’t stay hidden for long.


As an ex-special forces soldier with a target on his back, Asher lives each day with just two goals: put an end to Project Arma, the program that changed him forever; and keep his feelings for Lexie locked down tight. His life is a hotbed of danger, and he’ll die before letting it touch her.


Then Lexie’s secret is discovered by people so evil, Asher’s her only hope of staying alive. Instead of pushing her away, he’ll have to hold his greatest obsession closer than ever.



(Project Arma Book 2 )


The heart doesn’t forget…



The memory of that day still haunts Shylah Kemp. Eden had asked her to wait for him, to remain at the safe house while he went on a mission. But when she learned he was being setup, she didn’t have a choice. She had to do something.

It was a risk…and Shylah paid dearly.

Eden Cole is not the man he once was. Not since returning from his mission to find his whole world changed. Being betrayed by his own government would change any man. Betrayal by the woman he loved—that nearly broke him.

When his woman suddenly shows up in Marble Falls fourteen months later, Eden is determined to learn why Shylah had disappeared without a trace…and put an end to the danger that’s followed in her wake.


(Project Arma Book 1)

Run. Hide. Don’t look back.

Evie Scott went through hell and barely escaped. Now, she does everything she can to remain invisible. To survive. Because if she’s found, she’s dead.

Then she meets Luca…and there’s a spark. But is he worth the risk?

Former Navy SEAL Luca Kirwin is both well-trained and deadly. Recruited into a non-government-sanctioned project, he was unknowingly turned into a weapon. Now, he and his team have one mission—shut down the program.

When a new neighbor with haunted eyes moves in next door, his instincts tell Luca he can trust her. But could she be one of the enemies he’s searching for?

As the couple falls deeper, and the danger get closer, they’ll have to learn to trust in each other…before it’s too late.

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