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(Project Arma Book 6)

An enemy so fierce, disappearing is her only choice.

Maya Harper shouldn’t be alive. All of her co-workers are dead, yet somehow, she survived. But now she knows something. Something important. Something that someone will kill to keep secret.

Running is her only choice. Her only protection. But no one can run forever, especially when the enemy’s reach is long. Soon, trusting a stranger becomes her only option.

Former Navy SEAL Bodie Ryan is on a mission: Find Maya, a runaway lab technician—sole witness to a brutal crime—and keep her safe. She’s become entangled with his nemesis, which makes Bodie and his team her only hope of living to see tomorrow.

Finding her is the easy part…separating professional from personal is the real challenge.

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(Project Arma Book 5)


A story that could cost her everything…

Investigative journalist Quinn Ross isn’t a woman who can just let major news pass her by. So, when she stumbles across a story like no other, she makes it her mission to report it to the masses.

She doesn’t count on the lengths to which some may go to keep her story from seeing the light of day. When Quinn suddenly finds herself in need of escape, she heads straight for tiny Marble Falls and her brother, Mason.

When he’s not running his company’s IT department, Wyatt Gray—former SEAL and co-owner of Marble Protection—spends every spare minute searching for those who betrayed him. The ones who turned him and his teammates into something beyond mere mortals. He doesn’t have time for distractions—but that’s exactly what he gets, in the form of his best friend’s sassy, spunky, sexy sister…who’s moved in right across the hall.

From the moment they meet, Quinn and Wyatt’s chemistry is combustible. But they both have big secrets. Then there’s Mason, who may consider Wyatt a brother, but he might still kill him for lusting after his baby sister.

But soon, none of that matters. When a killer sets his sights on Quinn, any chance at happiness with Wyatt may end before it’s had a chance to begin

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(Project Arma Book 4)


Falling for each other was never part of the plan…



Doctor Sage Porter has moved to Marble Falls to be the private physician for a group of men unlike any the world has ever known. But she has a second, secret reason for moving to the small town. A reason she can’t share with another living soul…

Especially not the men under her care.

Mason Ross is a born guardian. Protecting his team and their families comes naturally, and he’ll do anything to keep them safe—but what if the peril is less than obvious? Like the gorgeous doctor who’s caught his attention. She’s hiding something. And Mason is more than aware that secrets can be deadly, and sometimes the least likely threat poses the greatest danger.

Getting close is a risk; both Mason and Sage have a lot to lose…including each other, if they can’t work together to survive the coming menace.



(Project Arma Book 3)


She needs his love. He needs her safe.


When a workplace romance becomes something deeper for Lexie Harper, she’s devastated to learn Asher Becket is determined to keep their sensual touches and passionate kisses behind closed doors. But that’s not good enough. Lexie won’t be anyone’s dirty little secret…especially when she’s harboring a secret of her own that won’t stay hidden for long.


As an ex-special forces soldier with a target on his back, Asher lives each day with just two goals: put an end to Project Arma, the program that changed him forever; and keep his feelings for Lexie locked down tight. His life is a hotbed of danger, and he’ll die before letting it touch her.


Then Lexie’s secret is discovered by people so evil, Asher’s her only hope of staying alive. Instead of pushing her away, he’ll have to hold his greatest obsession closer than ever.



(Project Arma Book 2 )


The heart doesn’t forget…



The memory of that day still haunts Shylah Kemp. Eden had asked her to wait for him, to remain at the safe house while he went on a mission. But when she learned he was being setup, she didn’t have a choice. She had to do something.

It was a risk…and Shylah paid dearly.

Eden Cole is not the man he once was. Not since returning from his mission to find his whole world changed. Being betrayed by his own government would change any man. Betrayal by the woman he loved—that nearly broke him.

When his woman suddenly shows up in Marble Falls fourteen months later, Eden is determined to learn why Shylah had disappeared without a trace…and put an end to the danger that’s followed in her wake.


(Project Arma Book 1)

Run. Hide. Don’t look back.

Evie Scott went through hell and barely escaped. Now, she does everything she can to remain invisible. To survive. Because if she’s found, she’s dead.

Then she meets Luca…and there’s a spark. But is he worth the risk?

Former Navy SEAL Luca Kirwin is both well-trained and deadly. Recruited into a non-government-sanctioned project, he was unknowingly turned into a weapon. Now, he and his team have one mission—shut down the program.

When a new neighbor with haunted eyes moves in next door, his instincts tell Luca he can trust her. But could she be one of the enemies he’s searching for?

As the couple falls deeper, and the danger get closer, they’ll have to learn to trust in each other…before it’s too late.

uncovering project arma web

Uncovering Project Arma

This is a short eight chapter prequel to the Project Arma series and is free when you sign up to my VIP newsletter.

She started her dream job. . .


 . . .and met her dream man.


But could her fairy tale be short lived?


Shylah was living her best life. Not only was her new job at Project Arma, hundreds of miles from her suffocating family, but she also got to work day in, day out with Navy SEALs. It didn’t take long for one of those SEALs to catch her eye. As Shylah and Eden grew closer, her life began to feel perfect. Until she overheard a conversation she was never meant to hear.


Is Project Arma the next step in protecting America’s armed forces?


Or has Shylah uncovered it to be something much more deadly?


Eden lived and breathed his job as a Navy SEAL. Partaking in Project Arma was just another perk of the job. Becoming faster and stronger was expected. Meeting Shylah, the pretty nurse, wasn’t. Neither was falling for her.


Everything was perfect.


Until it wasn’t.


What secrets were hiding behind those brown eyes of hers?


You’ll adore this short story military romance because the passion is real, the drama is non-stop, and the secrets are deadly.


Get it now.